Just Jeans Fit Guide

The Just Jeans Fit Guide is a corner stone of the retail giants e-commerce strategy, and needed to be updated to reflect the company’s commitment to representing body diversity. Multiple new features needed to be developed with JavaScript to create the user experience the client requested.

The main improvement was the addition of additional size options the user could chose from. This UX feature required dynamic images and video as each fit had multiple versions. This was a fun functionality to create as it had to take into account a responsive layout and utilized loading on command to reduce the file size for the end user.

Other UX features included a gallery of images used to fast jump the user to a specified fit that had to carousel on mobile as well as expandable info boxes positioned on top of certain images to give more details. All UX features used JavaScript to create their effects and had to be modified from existing libraries or code snippets.

This project had a UX development focus as I built several different functionalities from scratch to meet the clients desired outcome. It’s an excellent example of problem solving and development in HTML, CSS & Javascript.


  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Websphere (CMS)
  • Vimeo (Video)
  • Project Management
  • UX Development
  • Communication

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