Just Group Corporate Website

The brief for the Just Group corporate website focused on creating a modern aesthetic and improved usability. The specification to not use any CMS was an interesting aspect of the project, particularly when it included the complexity involved with seamlessly incorporating 3rd party systems and services.

The new design is simple, clean and professional, and utilizes current internet trends. The existing site map was heavily revised and collated into a logical and cohesive user journey to improve User Experience. During the span of the project all existing content was given a major overhaul to add context or streamline information, and several new pages were added to communicate company values.

The previous asp.NET site was completely replaced with an all new, bespoke, PHP site that’s modern, responsive and fully optimized. As the client specifically requested no CMS be used, the site was hand coded using current industrial standards to ensure it would be easy to update in the future.

Part of this project was liaising with 3rd party vendors to update the templates they used on their platforms to ensure consistency and usability throughout the customer journey. The new design had to be flexible enough to handle dynamic content and external code acting upon it while maintaining its overall integrity and speed.

This was an unusual and interesting project as it was very code heavy. The addition of 3rd party vendors increased project complexity, involving management of their timelines and requirements. The final product is clean and modern with great usability and cross platform compatibility.


  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Site Hosting
  • Server Settings
  • Site Mapping
  • Project Management
  • 3rd Party Liaison
  • Communication

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